Fighting the Enemy

1 John 4-4

This week, I’ve been working especially hard to just live one day at a time. I’ve been focused on how I relate to other people and how I can best show love and when I say I’ve been doing it one baby step at a time, I mean it.

Multiple times a day, I’ve had to ask for God’s help so I can be loving to those around me. It’s just something that I struggle with and have for as long as  I can remember. I will say that I think I have been very successful both yesterday and today and as I look back on the two days, I don’t see a situation or instance where I reacted too quickly and now feel guilty for something  I said or did in reaction to someone else. I’m getting better, but it’s definitely not by my own strength.

Don’t you love it when you decide to commit to something positive and Godly and it’s like Satan must have received an automatic e-mail in his inbox alerting him to fight even harder against your plans? That’s how I felt during the first part of this week. Once you’ve decided to make a Godly decision or grow closer to Jesus or seek the Lord’s guidance, that’s when Satan starts to pay you extra attention and he will do whatever he can to try and deter you from your path.

This made me think of one of my favorite verses in the Bible and it’s one that I haven’t yet come across in study, but one that I know from a few of the songs that I hear on a daily basis when listening to Air1 Radio. “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” – 1 John 4:4 (ESV). One of my favorite songs is “Greater” by MercyMe and it just so happens to revolve around this very verse.

I’ve had to remind myself multiple times this week that nothing is greater than God, that his spirit is what lives inside me and that I can do anything through him. Keep fighting the good fight and spreading the Good News!


About Callie Girl

Hi there,  my name is Callie and welcome to my blog! I am just a 30-year-old wife, dog mom, dance instructor, child of God and overall nerd who has decided to start her own blog. I've never consistently blogged before, unless my LiveJournal account in 2004 counts... For the most part, I'm simply looking for a way to vent some of my daily thoughts and experiences as I make my way through this experience of life!
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